« All possible futures! »

Sharing the future!

Sharing and advancing knowledge, skills and qualifications. For a decade, Aix-Marseille University has been offering its young people the opportunity to fully realise their abilities. By consolidating the cultural background and critical spirit of its students, it necessarily accompanies their construction as citizens. Citizens who must be capable of social adaptation as well as questioning. Free, responsible and enlightened citizens!
And at a time of great challenges, it is all the forces of the university community that are brought together to serve students and their future on a daily basis. Interdisciplinarity, personalisation of courses, internationalisation, innovation, sustainability: the university is the bearer of values that require the convergence of fields of expertise, disciplines, sectors, the academic world and the economic world. And it is thanks to the energy of its entire community and its partners that it is able, day after day, to turn ideas into innovative projects. We are sure that together we can go further!
The challenge is not to let ourselves be carried along but to participate consciously in the major changes that are transforming our society. Reinventing a humanism in the midst of robotic progress, protecting resources that have been consumed to excess, progressing and innovating intelligently without denying. For this, collective action is essential. How can we not imagine that a university that brings together a community of nearly 90,000 people is not able to make a major contribution to a better world?

President of Aix-Marseille University